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5 Cool Things About Grits

Photo courtesy of Nate Gray@https://www.flickr.com/photos/a-culinary-photo-journal/

Photo courtesy of Nate Gray@https://www.flickr.com/photos/a-culinary-photo-journal/

“The North has Cream of Wheat, the South has grits.” Saw this quote on my latest internet meandering. Check out more Souhernisms here.   I LOVE it–and it’s true! Now, speaking of grits, this reminds me of an episode of Perry Mason that I watched as a kid. I don’t remember much about the episode except the fact that the witness that was testifying estimate that he had seen the defendant in the victim’s house for a certain period of time. This happened to be while the witness was fixing–yes, fixing, his morning grits. Mr. Mason asked if he was sure that it was not a lesser period of time, perhaps sir your grits were instant grits? And the witness answered, indignantly, of course, that no true Southerner would ever own up to eating instant grits! I laughed then and laugh even now anytime I think of that line.

So, today’s facts are about, you guess it, grits. Here they are:

  • The word “grits” derives from the Old English word “grytt,” meaning coarse meal.
  • The annual World Grits Festival is held in April at St. George, South Carolina. (South Carolina, my home state, is home to another festival dedicated to yet another southern delicacy-the Annual Chitlin Strut held in Sally, South Carolina.)
  • Georgia says is loud AND proud: In 2002, this state designated Grits as the official state prepared food.
  • For Southerners like me: If you are ever in a grits crisis and can’t get your morning grits “fix”, no worries! Just grab a bowl of corn flakes ’cause they are made of white corn grits-a suitable, occasional substitute.
  • Grits were introduced to early settlers by the Native Americans who made them from ground corn, boiled them down to a mushy consistency and ate them as breakfast.

Hope you have enjoyed today’s post! Well, I truly hope you have enjoyed today’s post. If so, please like my facebook page, share and subscribe! You might also enjoy 5 Cool Things About Cheeseburgers!

P.S. My second favorite grits quote is by Flo the Yellow Rose of Texas:’Mel, Kiss My Grits”. This was from “Alice”, one of my favorite 1970’s sitcoms!


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