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5 Cool Things About Cheeseburgers

There is no disputing it. The cheeseburger is America’s favorite sandwich. With it’s gazillion variations, there is sure to be a cheeseburger to please every palate. It is fitting, then that the Great Cheeseburger have it’s own day. So without further adieu…..HAPPY NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER DAY! In honor of this solemn occasion, I present to you 5 facts about this iconic sandwich.

  • While no one really knows who invented this culinary delight, the most famous claim is that of Chef Lionel Sternberger who is said to have slapped a slice of cheese on a sizzling hot burger at the request of a homeless gentleman. Incidentally, a trademark for the term “cheeseburger” was granted in 1934 to Kaelin’s Restaurant in Louisville, KY.
  • Fresh, piping hot cheeseburgers are my personal preference but for die hard fans, there is a canned variety. Check it out here. No need to tell ’em to hold the pickles, eh?
  • And while we are at it, you might as well know that the cheeseburger even has it’s own theme song. Yep, Jimmy Buffet penned “Cheeseburger in Paradise” after being tormented by dreams of this delicacy while on a boat tripped surrounded by bad weather and canned food (bet he didn’t know about those canned burgers huh?)
  • Oh and let’s not forget to mention that there is an Annual Cheeseburger Festival held each year in Caseville, Michigan. Find out more here.
  • Most cheeseburgers are enjoyed away from home–about 63%. In my opinion, though, there is nothing like enjoying a fat juicy burger at the house while watching Supernatural on Netflix-just my personal opinion, lol.

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P.S. Looking for some easy hamburger recipes that are quick and tasty? No worries! Here are some some super easy hamburger recipes that are sure to please.

Read more about cheeseburgers here, here and here.

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