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5 Cool and Awesome Vintage T-Shirts

I love T-shirts. Always have and I am sure is true for a lot you. I rarely get the chance to wear them these days but every now and then it feels good to don one. I am old enough to actually have t-shirts that are 10, 15 even 20 years old. The older ones get worn less, of course, because the older they get the more I want them to last. However, there is nothing quite like the way the material feels against my skin as I pull it on. Old t-shirts are awesome! My kids love them too. Our family has the shared hobby (obsession, really) of browsing thrift stores. The availability of cool vintage (or vintage look) tees are my kids measure of a thrift stores worth. So, today’s post is about, you guessed it, t-shirts. I have posted some photos of and links (whenever possible) to some awesome vintage t-shirt sellers. I hope you enjoy.

1)      Vintage Air Jordan T-Shirt

 I admit that I am old enough to remember when this one was new.


Want it? Get it here.

2)      Vintage Talking Heads T-Shirt

Now, admittedly, this one is a bit pricey, but hey, if you are a Talking Heads fan, this is well worth it. According to the seller, they were actually at this event when they bought this t-shirt. They even met David Byrne making the t-shirt even more exclusive.


Want it? Get it here.

3)      Vintage-look Pepsi Cola T-shirt

For those who are not so die hard about their vintage tees and are willing to wear neo vintage, this one from Fifth Sun is for you. Yes, they actually do have a Coca Cola one but since Pepsi was born in the Carolinas as was I, I decided to showcase the Pepsi t-shirt. If you are a coke fan, I forgive you because you know not what you do, lol.


Want it? Get it here.

Get more selections from Fifth Sun here.

4)      Real Vintage Lisa Frank T-Shirt

Remember when Lisa Frank stuff was the rage? If you are a girl, I am sure you do. If you are guy, I am sure you remember all of your sister’s Lisa Frank stuff. My teen went crazy when I showed her some vintage Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. They are on her Christmas wish list. I tried to sell her on the vintage Lisa Frank lunchboxes but, apparently, taking your lunch to school in high school gets one an express ride to the “uncool” list. Oh well.  Anyway, for Lisa Frank lovers everywhere, this one is for you.


Want it? Get it here.

5)      Vintage-look  Optimus Prime T-Shirt  

I found this one for my husband who freely admits that he wants to be Optimus Prime when he grows up!

Optimus Prime 84 Transformers T-Shirt

Want one? Get it here.

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