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5 Ridiculously Common Science Myths That I Actually Believed

Top 10 Ridiculously Common Science Myths – Listverse.

I am not a science person so I can’t believe the above link actually caught my eye to begin with. Therefore I was not shocked that I am guilty of believing a few, well…some…well, I’ll just admit that I believed most of these myths. However, I MUST establish that I already knew the 5 second rule was hogwash. (only because I saw it being debunked on an episode of mythbusters!). Today, I will share the 5 science myths that surprised me the most. (By the way, all photos are courtesy of Listverse.com)

1. There is No Dark Side of the Moon

179077120 (1)

According to Listverse.com, every part of the moon is illuminated at sometime by the sun.

2. Brain Cells Actually DO regenerate

Brain Cell.Jpg

According to Listverse, a 1998 study found that the memory and learning center of the brain can create new cells – giving hope for an eventual cure for illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

3. Pennies dropped from atop a very tall building will NOT kill pedestrians below.


Despite the popularity of this myth, the fact is that the aerodynamics of a penny are insufficient to make it dangerous.

4. Uhh…Lightening CAN strike in the same place twice


Consider this: per Listverse.com, The Empire State Building gets struck around 25 times a year….so get the heck out of the way as fast as you can. Period.

5. Think there is no gravity in space? Think again.

Astronaut Banjo.Jpg

There is gravity in space – a lot of it. The reason that astronauts appear to be weightless because they are orbiting the earth. They are falling towards the earth but moving sufficiently sideways to miss it. So they are basically always falling but never landing.


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